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Heat exchanger
for industrial use

Heat exchangers or recuperators are devices that allow the transfer of thermal energy from one mass flow to another.

Reisenauer Technology provides heat exchangers for industrial use with customized and optimized solutions and is able to implement them professionally and in a timely manner. 
We use state of the art software for the design and calculation of heat exchangers combined with many years of practical experience.

The software is based on proven mathematical models such as VDI Heat Atlas. 
The heat exchangers can be designed according to different standards e.g. EN 13445, EN 12952, AD 2000 or ASME VIII.

Our scope provides the correct choice of design and material as well as the optimization of thermodynamics. We consider all relevant parameters to provide high performance solutions and innovative products.

We can manufacture heat exchangers to a weight up to 10 tons and to a diameter of 3000 mm. 

Our scope: 

  • Heat exchanger 
  • Evaporator 
  • Condenser 
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator 
  • Gas heater 
  • Waste heat boiler, gas heater 
  • Tube and shell heat exchanger 
  • Cooling systems 
  • Spray cooler 
  • Agitator 

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heat exchangers

Many years of experience in the design and construction of heat exchangers enable us to implement optimized solutions for our customers.

Thanks to an optimized thermodynamic design that takes the process parameters into account, we can offer technically high-quality solutions. We advise you on the selection of designs and materials.

Our recuperators are designed as tube bundle heat exchangers, jacketed tube heat exchangers and as coiled tube heat exchangers. We build the heat exchangers as gas-gas, liquid-gas or liquid-liquid heat exchangers.

We build evaporators, condensers, waste heat boilers, gas heaters, double-tube heat exchangers, falling film coolers, coil coolers and agitator boilers.

The heat exchangers we build can be manufactured with a diameter of up to 3000 mm and a unit weight of up to 10 tons.