Cryo Compressor

RT Reisenauer Technology GmbH  in Mürzzuschlag-Hönigsberg

Compact design, low noise operation

Pressure Transmitter / Cryo Compressor 

We are manufacturing pressure transmitter for industrial gases as well as compressors for cryogen gases

Pressure amplifier “CryoBooster” 

CryoBooster is a compressor, which compresses cold liquefied gases in the liquid phase. The next step is to vaporize the compressed liquid to provide gas in the final condition. High pressure gases can be provided in a very economical way. 
Typical applications: Laser cutter or gas assisted injection moulding (GAIM) of plastics.

Advantages of cryogenic compression:

  • Compression is carried out in the liquid phase: Small volumes are compressed 
    Energy saving up to 90 % 
  • Oil free compression: No contamination of the gas 
  • Easy handling 
  • Selectable pressures and flow rates by integrated controller 
  • Failsafe design on demand 
  • Compact design, small space requirement, silent operation 
  • Simple service and maintenance work 

Pressure transmitter for gases

In our scope of supply, you can also find pressure transmitters for gases for conditions up to 10000 bar (145000 psi). Pressure transmitters have a wide range of application. They are used in high pressure pumps, isostatic pressings, test benches, …